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Project experience has allowed us to gain certifications in the following areas:

cert_logo_PennDot Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

KER holds PennDOT Pre-Qualifications in the following Work Class Codes:

  • K-Curbs, Sidewalks, Inlets, Manholes
  • K1-Masonry Work
  • K2-Concrete and Masonry Coatings
  • M2-Roadside Silt Barrier Fence, Gabions, Erosion Control
  • S0-Structures (Bridges) Bridge Marine Repair
  • S4-Structures (Bridges) Bridge Culverts, Pedestrian Bridges, Timber Bridges
  • S7-Structures (Bridges) Rebar Installation
  • S9-Structures (Bridges) Deck Placement or Repair
  • T4-Structures (Bridges) Welding
  • T5-Structures (Bridges) Bearing Pads and Seals
  • T6-Structures (Bridges) Expansion Dams
  • T7-Structures (Bridges) Bridge Drainage
  • T8-Structures (Bridges) Shear Studs, Metal Bridge Deck Forms


KER holds certification through PA DEP to perform various construction tasks on and related to aboveground liquid fuel storage tanks and systems (ACVL- AST).


We have a current, functioning Pennsylvania Workplace Safety Committee (Department of L&I) that helps maintain safety on our projects, and we are a proud member of the Central PA Safety Association. The majority of our workers have, at minimum, OSHA 10-hour construction training. We have an on-staff, authorized instructor and a host of safety-related resources to keep our job sites incident-free.


We are a member of the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC)


Our workers have training with Autodesk industry design software.